"Habits are the holy grail of long term change. But it all starts with practicing. 21 days is a scientifically supported time frame for successful long term change. We believe you can't out train a bad diet, so focussing on better nutrition is key to the best results for any health and fitness initiative"
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Monday, Sept 28. 7pm. All online. 
Only 20 Spots Available
We want to get to know you so numbers are capped.
Here's How It Works...
  • Sign up above or below and pay your $1
  • $49 is the total investment if you continue after the 7 day trial period. The balance of $48 will be deducted unless you tell us otherwise. We will even refund your dollar if you think the program has no value for you after the 7 days.
  • Once you pay your $1 you will be accepted in to the course. At this point you are one of the twenty. Well done!
  • Next we will send you the details of getting our purpose built app on your phone (free to download for IOS and Android)
  • You will have all your questions about the program answered with our communications to you before you start.
  • Kick off is Monday September 28 at 7.00 pm via zoom link which will be sent out ahead of time. We will also have reminders coming to you via email or sms. 
  • When the program starts, you will have daily access to our world class habit changing program powered by Precision Nutrition via the app on your phone. 
  • We will be helping you 'practice' 7 really important behaviours for 3 days each. You will see how you can make these important changes with the right amount of repetition for you. This is a taste of our longer term program, which addresses ALL the behaviours identified by experts as important for life long eating success. 
  • We will be communicating two ways. One is via the app and the other via our private facebook group set up just for this course.
  • We will also meet weekly online at 7pm each Monday for 3 weeks for 45mins. This will be a time for us to go in to a bit more detail on the practices and answer any questions you have about diet and exercise and the program.
Don't Take Our Word For It...
Check out what previous participants are saying...
"The big thing for me was cutting out the processed carbs, that was my thing..."
"My results were that I lost 5.5 cm from around my waist...!"
"I was carrying post pregnancy weight and I needed an impetus..."
"Having the accountability of booking sessions, having to show up. Knowing you will be calling if I don't..."
  • This program is all about nutrition. But as you will know, any great health and fitness initiative must include exercise. We will be discussing it's important role and we will be encouraging it of course. However sometimes focussing on less can help you achieve more. With that in mind, this will be 21 days to improve your relationship with food and to experience how behaviour drives results.

You choose what you are ready for
This is not a 1 size fits all course. You might be really struggling with your eating or you might just not be getting the results you want even though you 'are eating well'. This program is designed to help all levels.
If you live close to Bowen Hills you can join us for our safe group fitness program to compliment this. Or even personal training if you are ready for that investment. Just give us a call to find out more about these options.
Online support and learnings with coaching accountability
We have been educated in and use the world class system of coaching known as Precision Nutrition. You will get to sample this unique and intelligent way of improving your nutrition.
Frequently Asked Questions
Here Are A Few FAQs That We Often Get Asked...
Is 21 days really enough?

It has been shown scientifically that you can change brain connections for long term behaviour change in this amount of time. We will be addressing a number of habits that need to be dialed in for a great result. Our longer term and more individualised program looks at 37 different behaviours show to be important in long term nutrition success. In this program we will have a chance to look at 7 habits that could make all the difference to you.

How is Covid affecting what you do?

As far as this program goes not at all as it is all online. We are still doing both the online and also in-person training again out of the YMCA. If we end up like Victoria we will pivot back to all online training but for now we are back to face to face for those who feel comfortable with it.

What is the full  cost if I decide to stay on after the $1 trial?

This time it is just $49 for the 21 days. The full normal price is $199. We have heavily discounted it so you can see what we do. If you decide the program is not for you after 7 days, then you will pay nothing because we will even refund your $1

Is exercise included?
As mentioned this program is all about nutrition. If you would like to exercise with us, we have both small group training and personal training available. Give us a call direct to find out more about those training options
What other programs do you have?
Our premier offer is personal training both online and in person. We also have a small group training program and 6 week challenges. The 3-12 month online nutrition coaching program is our new offering given the challenges of the day. When you are in lockdown or with limited outside contact, the support that this program can offer might be the difference between deep health and ongoing illness. You simply can't beat healthy nutrition and consistent exercise as an immune system protector.
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